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Thanks for thinking of us for your next tattoo idea. We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon. Whether it’s your first tattoo or you’re a returning customer, please see below for questions or concerns. We work by appointment-only and specialize in custom designs. The best way to contact us is to use this form.

Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible…the more info up front the better.

ARTIST: Check out our Tattoo page to help with an artist preference or let us know if you’d like a recommendation based on your idea.

DESIGN: We specialize in Custom Tattoos in a range of styles. Feel free to include as many details regarding your idea including the subject matter, location, and approximate size. References can be helpful to get a starting point, so feel free to include links to your inspirations. If there’s anything you are unsure about or require help or suggestions, feel free to ask.

SCHEDULE: Again, let us know as much info up front about your schedule and general availability in a typical week including days and timeframes and we’ll do our best to send you some options to accommodate you. Keep in mind our artists are sometimes booked, so while it’s helpful to include specific dates, give yourself some lead time to ensure we can meet your requirements.


Once we hear from you, one of our artists will reach out directly to set up an appointment, answer questions and clarify details. Once your appointment is successfully on the calendar, we will request a deposit to confirm your date and time. Deposits go towards the price of your tattoo and can be payed via Paypal or in person with cash or card. If necessary, once your appointment is confirmed… we can set up an in-studio consultation to discuss and/or plan designs, placement, etc. 


We are a private studio located at 2345 E. Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125. YES, it used to be a church, and you can enter through the red doors to the left (as you face the building). From there, you can head right on upstairs.

Make sure to come well-rested, recently-fed, and majorly stoked. Snacks and beverages are recommended to keep you amped throughout your visit so feel free to bring a couple or your favorite treats.


PRICING: Our artists charge by the hour. We can estimate a general range for your specific tattoo in advance once we have all the info required.

DRAWINGS: We draw for our appointments and your drawing will be ready when you arrive. There will be time to make changes/revisions to ensure you are fully stoked.

PARKING: Parking is free on Susquehanna Avenue. Some of the surrounding streets have 2 hour/permit parking and it is enforced, so please pay attention to the signs.

PHONE: We don’t have a public phone number, please fill out the form or feel free to email us with a specific question at:

CANCELLATIONS: If you need to cancel your appointment, please give as much of a heads up as possible. We can fill cancellations with lead time and reschedules, but total bails or no-shows will forfeit your deposit. 

YES, all of our artists are certified with City of Philadelphia issued Body Art Licenses. 




True Hand
2345 E Susquehanna Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125